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The Violinist.com Interviews: Volume 1The Violinist.com Interviews: Volume 1
Violinist.com editor Laurie Niles' collection of interviews with more than two dozen of the world's top violinist.com celebrates of one of the world's most enduring instruments, and the people who are helping carry forth the violin's legacy into a new generation. With a foreword by Grammy Award-winner Hilary Hahn.

Theme Park Insider: Orlando 2014Theme Park Insider: Orlando 2014
Get all of Theme Park Insider's reader ratings, tips, and advice for planning a trip to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, or SeaWorld, with our new 2014 Orlando guidebook! It's more than 200 pages of great insider information that will help you get the most from your vacation.

Stories from a Theme Park InsiderStories from a Theme Park Insider is a warm and funny look at what it's like to work inside the world's most popular theme park. Stories from a Theme Park Insider takes you inside the famous tunnels and backstage at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom for a look at how theme parks really work, and the funny moments and embarrassments that can happen when your job is someone else's vacation.

How to Make Money Publishing Community News OnlineHow to Make Money Publishing Community News Online
Robert Niles' guidebook teaches mid-career journalists, journalism students and even community members how to start and run a profitable community news website. Niles provide examples and exercises to help would-be publishers develop the skills and experience to lead their communities, including how to build an action team, how to register and set up both a website and its underlying business structure, and even how to sell ads. (Yes, selling. You can't run a successful publishing business without income.) Any successful website needs to be a superior vehicle for communication, so Niles also includes sections on how to improve one's reporting, writing, and production skills.

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Theme Park Insider is a global consumers' guide to the world's top theme and amusement parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and Disneyland. Theme Park Insider was honored with an Online Journalism Award for Service Journalism in 2001 by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, the first time any website was honored with major journalism award for a "crowdsourced" report written entirely by its readers.

Violinist.com is a global community for violin performers, teachers, students, makers and fans. Its editor, Laurie Niles, is a professional violinist and journalist who has interviewed some of the world's top violinists for the site, including Joshua Bell, Hilary Hahn and Ruggerio Ricci.


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